DHR Health in the Community

You're our patients and our neighbors

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Supporting Our Communities

You’re our patients and our neighbors — many of us grew up with you and live near you today. Just as important, we’re all part of the Rio Grande Valley. That connection is what makes us feel strongly about giving our time and funds to a wide range of local organizations. DHR Health wants you to thrive in every way.

Hurricane Harvey

2017 - $7,500 Raised this is me testing the limit on this block of text. How much more text can I add here before stuff starts getting all weird? Let's find out.

Hurricane Harvey
American Cancer Society

2017 - $7,500 Raised

American Cancer Society
Easter Seals RGV

2018 - $6,000 Raised

Easter Seals
Alzheimers' Association

2017 - $5,000 Raised

Edinburg Police Department

2017 - $5,000 Raised

McAllen Christmas for Kids

2017 - $5,000 Raised

Hope Family Health Center

2017 - $300,000 Raised

Hope Family
Renaissance Cancer Foundation

2017 - $50,000 Raised

Renaissance Cares
Valley Alliance of Mentors for Opportunities and Scholarships

2018 - $50,000 Raised