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DHR Health encourages you to share your positive experience. Our Gratitude Wall is intended to thank our DHR Health team and let them know that their efforts are making a difference.

👏👏👏 to Saul my CNA room 4121. During my stay he really brought a smile and cheer every time he came to check in on me. He did his job with pride and for that reason I want to recognize Saul. Buddy, keep that positive and cheer attitude. You made a difference during my stay at DHR.

Carlos Herebia
Jul 10, 2024
Fatima RN

Fatima, thank you for providing me the best care while I was in room 4121. I am grateful in you explaining all the medication provided to me during my stay. Your concern is greatly appreciated for my recovery. Thank you Fatima.

Carlos Herebia
Jul 10, 2024

I would like to recognize Aleta RN, for the professional health care she provided to me during my stay room 4121. I am grateful to her for her cheer and positive attitude for my recovery. Aleta, thank you.

Carlos Herebia
Jul 10, 2024

I want to recognize Cecy CNA for the care given to me while in room 4121. She is not only a CNA but great interactive with her little stories while still doing her work. She made my wife very comfortable, always offering coffee ect.. Please recognize her on our behalf.

Carlos Herebia
Jul 08, 2024
Amanda Ramirez

I am very grateful to recognize Amanda Ramirez for her professional care she has given me the three days in room 4121. I recommend employee recognition bestowed to her.

Carlos Herebia
Jul 08, 2024

I delivered my baby two weeks ago at DHR Health and I couldn’t have asked for a better service. Nurses are very experienced and caring. Thank you!

Laura R
Jul 05, 2024

I would like to thank Mariela (nightshift RN) for her services and great bedside manners. I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart that every time I would call her for pain medication or anything else she will be so quickly accessible and eager to help out without questions. Thank you, Mariela for your great disposition. We need more nurses like you👍🏼👏🏼💕

Angelita Puente
Jun 24, 2024
Telemetry 4th floor
Macicela Avalos

I am so happy with Ms. Avalon (nurse). The best nurse on nights, especially when I was in pain, I'm so thankful AMEN

MARY Helen Ovalle
Jun 24, 2024
Nurse First Floor
Justin (nurse)

Justin, thank you so much for your kind and helpful nursing when I was in Room 102.

Graciela G. Vasquez
Jun 21, 2024
DHR staff
All employees

To ALL DHR employees from housekeeping, security guards, Guest Relations, RN’s, CNA’s and volunteers, each and every one of you deserves to be recognized. You all make DHR stay operational and successful! Thank you from your patient, Marina Torres her daughter Anna Sanchez and her son Marco Sifuentes

Marina Torres
Jun 16, 2024
Dr. Daniel Martínez

My mom and our family would like to express our gratitude to Dr. Martinez for a job well done on her CABG operation. We wish you all the best and may the Lord continue to bless the entire DHR staff!

Marina Torres
Jun 16, 2024
Room 4105
Sergio RN

My Mom would like to express her gratitude to Sergio during her stay. Sergio made a big difference in her recovery and was happy to have had him as her RN as well. My Mom has nothing, but good things to say about him. Thank you Sergio

Marina Torres
Jun 16, 2024
Room 4105
Shannen RN

My Mom wants to express her gratitude to Shannen for taking such great care of my Mom during her CABG recovery. Shannen was very kind, loving, and supportive. She made my Mom feel not just as her RN, but her BFF! My Mom is extremely grateful for that.

Marina Torres
Jun 16, 2024
Room 4105
Martin RN

My Mom wanted to express her gratitude to Martin for his kind and caring attitude toward her and not to mention his great sense of humor! It made a big difference to my Mom to have an RN make her laugh. Laughter is the best medicine! My Mom and I want to say Thank you Martin

Marina Torres
Jun 16, 2024
Room 4105
Alma CNA

My Mom wants to express her gratitude to Alma for assisting my Mom during her hospital stay. My Mom also enjoyed her conversations with Alma and giving my Mom motivation and encouragement. Very grateful to Alma

Marina Torres
Jun 16, 2024
Room 4105
Juany CNA

My Mom wants to express her gratitude to Juany for her attentiveness with my Mom’s needs. Juany ensured my Mom was comfortable during her stay. Juany also rearranged furniture to make life easier for my Mom to get around and also took it upon herself when overhearing my Mom needed to be moved to an air mattress, but were on backorder. Juany took the time to check other vacant rooms for the air bed, thanks to Juany my Mom did not have to wait until the next day for the air mattress bed. My Mom and I are forever grateful and want Juany to be recognized for her attention to detail and problem-solving skills!

Marina Torres
Jun 16, 2024
Room 4105
Roxana CNA

My Mom wants to express her gratitude to Roxana for her kindness and for being so patient with her. My Mom is very grateful for Roxana’s care while showering, and when needing help to get out of bed and her recliner chair. My Mom will always be grateful for Roxana’s care. Much gratitude!

Marina Torres
Jun 16, 2024
Ernest RN

My mom wanted to express her gratitude towards Ernest (Ernesto) for his compassionate and loving care while in the ICU. She said she will forever be grateful for his kindness. With much gratitude from Marina Torres

Marina Torres
Jun 16, 2024
3rd floor CNA and nurse
Jesse & Isela

We’d like to thank Jesse and Isela for taking such good care of my grandmother. We appreciate everything they’ve done for making her stay so much more comfortable.

Rebecca Allen
Jun 09, 2024
Peggy, Andrea, Lydia, Diane, Emily, Rick, Damian and Domitilo

I want to thank them, they took really good care of me. They were patient in making sure I was feeling okay. Anytime I felt pain, they would come to the rescue and help me out anyway they could. Thank you very much. I really appreciate you guys :)

Mhiaa Guerra
Jun 03, 2024

I want to thank all my nurses who took care of me since the start. Every single one of you were the sweetest ever I felt so loved and cared for. You girls have the sweetest souls and are the strongest for doing all of this.

Maria Juarez
Jun 01, 2024
DHR Health Urgent Care
Dr. Donald Tucker, Brianna, John, Brenda, and Margarita

I feel compelled to write to you being, that I was given the royal treatment on my previous visit to DHR Urgent Care (1421 N. Col. Rowe, McAllen). I was seen by Dr. Donald Tucker. This doctor not only was nice, kind and friendly but his bedside manner was SUPERB!!!!! The staff such as Brianna, John, Brenda, and Margarita also displayed exceptionally!! It has been said that customer service can make or break a business. In this case, Dr. Tucker and his staff are second to none. I felt like I had to allocate extra levels of concern being that my expectations at this Urgent Care were certainly realized!!! Thank you DHR for being selective when choosing your employees and thank you, Dr. Tucker for making my day! Best, ME Rivera

Maryellen Rivera
May 23, 2024
Lily and frank

Thank you both so much for taking care of my husband , he has been in DHR so many times but this time you both went above and beyond on making him feel welcome and was well cared for. It's so wonderful we have caring nurses to care for their patients. Thank you so much. Mr. & Mrs. Jaime Garza

Jaime garza
May 23, 2024
Rosemary Garza LVN

I wanted to thank Nurse Rosemary, she did an exceptional job caring for my uncle during his last day at the hospital. She originally works on the 4th floor and was covering on the 3rd floor that day. She is very caring and attentive of her patients, and answered all of my family's questions considering how understaffed the 3rd floor was during my uncle's stay. She is an amazing nurse an I am thankful for her and all of her hard work. She is someone who genuinely cares about her patients and it shows. Again thank you so much Nurse Rosemary for being an amazing nurse, anyone who has you as a nurse is very lucky.

Crystal L
May 15, 2024
PCCU 4th Floor
Cecilia, CNA

Cecilia did an outstanding job taking care of my father during his stay. Thank you very much.

Guadalupe Ortiz
May 05, 2024
SICU Nurses and CNAs

My brother was fortunate enough to be assisted by the ladies and gentlemen of SICU. The warm attitude and positive vibes made a terrible situation a little more bearable. Carlos, Kelly, Sophia, Apryle, Sammy, Raquel, Rebecca, and Donny are just of the few people that we interacted with and were of immense help. Their attitude kept things light and friendly, which was exactly what he needed. The doctors were great too, from Dr. Gillete to Dr. Riley and one doctor even felt and showed a degree of emotion that made our decisions a lot easier. His show of empathy made my brother feel at ease with all decisions he had to make. We appreciate all of you!!

Apr 25, 2024
Saul Zamarripa

I want to express my sincere appreciation for all the employees on the 4th floor South Tower. My brother was admitted to DHR about a week ago and he has many healthcare issues that present great challenges to healthcare workers. Saul Zamarripa (CNA) was assigned to my brother the day I visited him on 4/19/24. Mr. Zamarripa displayed the outmost professional attitude and provided my brother outstanding care. Having been in the healthcare field for over 35 years serving in management positions, I would commend you for having great personnel such as Saul. Please give my greatest gratitude to this outstanding individual.

Rogelio Cano
Apr 22, 2024
MS NT 2nd Flr
Gladys, LVN

Thank you Gladys for your care and concern for my well-being as I recovered. The respect and professional manner you exhibited was excellent.

Rachel Withrow
Apr 19, 2024
MS NT 2nd Flr
Noelia Melendez, CNA

Thank you for your service and your help! You were one of many who made my stay great despite my surgery!

Rachel Withrow
Apr 19, 2024
MS NT 2nd Flr

Merrie was kind and patient during the most painful time after surgery. It meant a lot to me to be seen and heard. She was the best!

Rachel Withrow
Apr 19, 2024
MS NT 2nd Flr
Cristian, RN

Cristian was kind, patient and was there during the most painful moments and he truly conveyed his care and concern. There are not enough positive adjectives to give your staff praise. They went above beyond. Everyone I met including housekeeping and food service were kind and helpful and treated me like a human being with respect and professional care. Thank you for making my stay better.

Rachel Withrow
Apr 19, 2024
Rehabilitation Hospital

Just a little history, my father had a stroke and he is 92 1/2. He has never stayed a day in his life in a hospital. The care he received at DHR Hospital and DHR Rehabilitation Hospital was phenomenal. I know the names of a few, Julian was a CNA, my father really enjoyed him and even on a day my Dad wasn't his patient, he would come by to say hi and check on him. Nurse Fe Corazon V is the nurse that stands out the most, she was very personable and open to explaining things to us, my dad really beamed when she came into the room. I will say all of the nurses were great. OT therapist Joseu was friendly and efficient in the way he worked with dad and gave him confidence to fight and get better. Mercy the PT therapist and her trainee Miranda were extremely special to my dad. They made him feel like he mattered and wasn't just a patient, he was a person, not just that they were doing a job. The encouragement and caring they gave him was top notch. My dad and the rest of us in the family felt like they were giving him such personal attention and made my dad extremely happy everyday even though they were working him hard. We wished they could come home with us. I really have to acknowledge the female Security guard, I don't have a name, but she was very friendly and even helped me get my mom in the car after visiting my dad. The woman and the men at the front desk always had a smile and a friendly comment. My dad was at the Rehab Hospital for over a month and everyone got to know us and made all of us feel happy that our father/husband was in this Rehab Hospital for his care. I'm not great at expressing myself, I'm tearing up thinking about this place and how wonderful everyone was. The special gatherings were a bonus and helped make his hospital stay more pleasurable for all of us. My dad was even voted the Valentine Day King. I actually wish my dad could have stayed longer for his OT and PT. I truly believe that the care and service he got while there helped him way more than coming home, I think he misses everyone. He starts his outpatient PT and OT next week and I hope it perks him up as much as it did at the Rehab Hospital. Thanks again to everyone there, I hope everyone gets to see this review and knows how much we appreciate them.

Kathy A. Hamilton
Mar 01, 2024
Dr. Maria Naranjo Palacio, MD

Of all the physicians, including endocrinologists, that I have seen for my Type II Diabetes over the last 30+ years, Dr. Naranjo has helped me to gain control over my blood sugars more than any other. What impresses me the most is her tenacity. She does not give up on her patients, which helped me to resume my fight against diabetes. She reminds me of my college Algebra professor, who would try many different doors to understanding for her students as she wanted all of them to succeed. If one method did not work, Dr. Naranjo was willing to try one after another until my A1c came down to 6.8 from as high as 10.2. Not only did she care for me as a patient, she ushered in a great deal of hope, hope that had pretty much waned to the point of sheer complacency. I gave up, letting go of all efforts to fight this silent killer. I will forever be grateful for Dr. Naranjo’s intervention. My blood sugars are now under control thanks to the treatment protocols that she implemented.

Deborah Diehl
Feb 17, 2024
Emergency Department

I give special thanks to Denise because she immediately started my treatment as soon as possible. Her service is very fast, friendly and she gave me the instructions when I got discharged.

Jessica Rodriguez
Jan 19, 2024
Med/Surg Unit

I want to thank everyone who took care of me during my stay at DHR , I was on the second floor and everyone (doctors, nurses, cleaning ladies, aides) was so helpful and super kind. The physical therapist Jaime was extremely helpful and patient in showing and telling me how to use the walker and exercises to do. What I really loved was they weren't ashamed to use the name of God and blessing me. At times like these, it is so important to acknowledge our Creator and share the Word of God. God richly bless the works of your hands.

David Quezada
Jan 18, 2024
Emergency Department

We want to say HUGE thanks to Robert Alfaro & Erika who treated my father in the ER. Robert has been a reassuring presence since we have had multiple ER visits since December 15th. It is evident he truly cares about his patients and their families. We appreciate this level of support. When Robert has been the nurse, we have felt our concerns are heard and addressed. It is a different level of ease and comfort when you know the people treating you truly care. You have our sincerest thanks and gratitude! He is a healthcare hero! Thank you!

Robert Alfaro
Jan 15, 2024
Emergency Department
Denise, Jessica Gomez, Adrian, Danilo, Dr. Munoz, Cesar

My husband had to come to the ER after battling constant fever and chills for 3 days. From Triage all the way to being admitted, the ER crew took such great care of him. All of them were attentive and caring even though the ER was busy. Our nurse was always nearby. Even though she was busy, she made the time to round on all of her patients including us and asked if we needed anything. Other nurses also came by to give her support should she need it and they also asked us if we needed anything. The room was clean. The bathrooms were clean and we were given bottled waters. Dr. Munoz walked us through the care plan. Nothing was left amiss. Kudos to the ER team! Keep up the good work.

Rhianne Rodriguez
Dec 30, 2023
Urology Institute at Renaissance

After very extensive research I decided to have my cancerous prostate removed by Dr. Alonzo. It is the best decision I have ever made. His technical expertise in performing robotic surgery is the best there is. We are fortunate to have someone of his caliber in McAllen. He was very through thru out the process and cared enough to take the necessary time to make me feel at ease throughout this difficult time for myself and my family. If anyone ever has the need for this type of surgery I highly recommend Dr. David G. Alonzo. There is no one better.

Alfredo Montanaro
Dec 27, 2023
DHR Health Diabetes and Endocrinology Institute

I am very happy that I was referred to Dr. Castillo. I have been seeing her since March 2023 as my glucose was out of control. Right away on my first visit she prescribed 2 glucose medications to help control and get my glucose in range. At this time I was on 2 insulins and metformin. After about 3 months she stopped my insulin and my A1C has been under 5.7 for about 6 months. I currently only take the 3 glucose medications. I'm hoping my next visit I'll have more good news and maybe less medications. I feel so much better and my glucose is between 99-127, no more 300+ readings. She actually listens to her patients and you can tell she cares. Thank you Dr. Castillo.

Noemi Gomez Montanez
Dec 18, 2023
DHR Brownsville

I’m writing this letter to give gratitude to the staff of DHR-Brownsville, DHR-Edinburg and especially my Surgeon, Dr. Cera Kroenke. On May 21, 2023, I was guided by God and family to the Emergency Room at DHR-Brownsville, and luckily there was no wait time. I was given a diagnosis immediately and they were very attentive to my care. I was a patient there from May 21-25, 2023, and the medical staff from the emergency room and second floor, all the nurses, the radiology staff, and the doctors who attended to me were all amazing during the time I was there. My case was given to an extraordinary, caring, and friendly surgeon, Dr. Cera Kroenke. I remember when she walked into my room, she was determined and had her mind set to discuss what exams would be needed and the possible plans for moving forward with my diagnosis and care. When she returned, she explained what was found, what needed to be done and I’d be transferred to DHR Edinburg to continue with my care. When I arrived in Edinburg, her team made me feel secure. I knew that I was in the right place, and God gave me peace that I’d get the best treatment possible. The attentiveness and professionalism of Dr. Kroenke and all her team were always on point. I was so ill that I needed emergency surgery while I was under her care. She never failed me; her knowledge and professionalism are exceptional. She kept me aware of my diagnosis, treatments, and aftercare, and I knew when I’d return for my reversal surgery, I would be in the best hands possible. On November 10, 2023, I had my reversal surgery, again with Dr. Kroenke. I thank God for blessing her with skilled hands, exceptional bedside manner, for being so caring, understanding and being a gifted surgeon. I’m feeling great, I’m back to my normal self and I’m ready to get back to my fourth-grade students to continue my teaching career. I thank God everyday for all my blessings, but especially for putting Dr. Cera Kroenke in my path. DHR is lucky to have such a tremendous, caring, and skilled surgeon working for you. Eternally Grateful, Dolores N. Gracia

Dolores N. Garcia
Dec 06, 2023
Medical Unit

Yahaira did an amazing job taking care of my mother. She was thorough and didn’t rush anything. She explained medical course treatment and was there for my mother when she was anxious about her stay there. We need more nurses like her.

Austin Downer
Dec 05, 2023
Intensive Care

Thank you for being so awesome with my dad Ramon Villanueva. You and partner Jonathan did amazing caring for my father.

Christina Tamez
Nov 27, 2023
DHR Health Neuro-Therapy Institute

I'm writing this review on the eve of Thanksgiving because I'm so thankful for the service I received from DHR Health (Neuro-Therapy Institute) located at 4500 N. 10th Street, Suite 400, McAllen, Texas 78504. I want everyone reading my post to know how special of an employee you have working at your facility. I was directed to go to this location for physical therapy. I was in a lot of pain and very irritable because no one really gave me any relief from the agonizing pain I had in my neck. Sanjuanita (SJ) was assigned my case. The day we met I wasn't really in a good mood. SJ asked me several questions about my pain. SJ applied pressure to the area where I was hurting (deep tissue massage) and I instantly felt relief. SJ was so kind and understanding of my situation. There are no words to explain the outstanding care I was given. In two weeks, I was amazed at the treatment I was receiving from SJ. Finally, someone who really listened to my concerns. I have been discharged for several weeks now. I wanted to give a review about SJ on a daily basis, but I can only write one review. I'm so thankful for the service I received from not only SJ but the staff working at the clinic. Natalie was awesome and made my appointments work around my work schedule. Thank you SJ for all you did for me. I pray God will always keep you and your family safe. You are definitely heaven sent. Bless you for what you do. May you and yours have a safe and blessed Thanksgiving. Thanks to SJ, I'm pain free now.

John Davis
Nov 27, 2023

I wanted to thank NICU for their very hard work. I will forever be appreciative for the nurses who cared for my baby and were the best in doing so. Jason, Sarah, Rebecca & Marlene. Thank you so much! And also to Dr. Honrubia for his hard work as well!

Lindsey Cantu
Nov 08, 2023

We are very pleased with the service that we received from Dr. Taggarse. My husband and I are so grateful for the detail he took on my husband.

Theodore Karides
Oct 25, 2023

I just recently had an ablation and a pacemaker inserted in my chest to correct my heart issue 10-16 and 10-17. My doctor, Dr. Ruben Mohme, made my very, scary heart condition bearable with his compassion and genuine bedside manners. He is the best Doctor I have had in my numerous medical conditions I have endured.

Thomas R Hill
Oct 24, 2023
Intensive Care Unit

Thank you for helping me feel so comfortable and for being true. Don't ever change.

Cindy Cruz
Oct 19, 2023
Labor and Delivery

Remi was very thorough in her explanations and was constantly changing my pads/sheets to make sure I was as clean and comfortable as possible. Great bedside manners & her coaching through my labor was helpful, effective, and she was patient.

Madelyn Guerra
Oct 12, 2023
Labor and Delivery

Thank you Lydia for incredible bedside manners and making me as comfortable as possible during my stay while I had my last baby. I’m happy to have had Lydia for the time that I did.

Madelyn Guerra
Oct 12, 2023
Intensive Care Unit

Best care from these employees at DHR. DHR has top notch Nurses and CNAs. God Bless all employees at DHR and all personnel.

Joe Flores
Oct 02, 2023

Thank you to all the doctors, nurses and CNA's of the Mid Tower 3rd floor, and the Radiology department that provided services to my mother. She was admitted for Kidney failure; she was afraid, and nervous of being in the hospital but with your compassion, your humbleness, your knowledge and your care, she was able to trust and was able to overcome her fear. I appreciate all you did. Thank you for loving what you do; when you love what you do, you give the best of you and you did. We are very grateful that she was taken care of by great medical team. Thank you Marlene RN, Areli RN, and every staff that took the extra mile to make my mother's stay as comfortable as possible. May God continue to bless you with a humble, compassionate, and caring heart. Continue doing a great job! With gratitude and appreciation, THANK YOU FOR BEING AWESOME!!

Maria Rocha
Oct 02, 2023

Dr. Cruz is an exceptional Doctor and has an extremely talented, friendly and courteous staff. I would like to give Veronica Cano an extra shout out and show my appreciation for all the time and phone calls she made on my behalf to assist with my prescription.

Steve Bevan
Sep 25, 2023
DHR Health Urology Institute

Grateful for everyone there including Dr. Manuel Espinosa. Thank you for taking care of me. Awesome place to go when you’re sick. I love this place, everyone is so nice, respectful and so professional. I will keep going. Thank you DHR.

Jesus Errisuriz
Sep 18, 2023
Urology Institute CT Scan Radiology Technician

I had my first CT scans today, since Dr. David Alonzo removed my cancer in surgery in May of this year, and Sylvette was my Technician. She was very kind and thoughtful as she setup and positioning me, checking frequently that I was okay and not in pain. She was quick but checked with me every step, and even supporting my sore arm making sure to check that I was comfortable before continuing. I truly felt safe and comforted in her fine care. She is an Angel, and I thank God for her in my life.

Boyd Campbell
Sep 15, 2023
Emergency Department

I recently visited the ER due to some pain. However during my brief time in the ER I was fortunate to see the professionalism that Mike Garcia (LVN) exhibited while interacting with patients including myself. I got the chance to witness Mr Garcia working with his heart on his sleeve, top notch professionalism and empathy. His willingness to help in my opinion goes beyond the scope of good customer service and job responsibility. He clearly brings honor to himself and the whole DHR family in this way. I'm happy I had the chance to share my experience voluntarily in regards to Mr. Garcia.

Joe Tapia
Sep 15, 2023
Radiology Imaging

I'm thankful for the friendly and courteous attitude of both Sam and Elizabeth who attended me during my MRI. They were consummate professionals who put me at ease and made what could have been a somewhat stressful procedure easy. Blessings to you both as you continue to offer your gifts and skills to other patients!

Eloy S. González
Sep 01, 2023
Labor and Delivery Nurse (Women's Clinic)

Miss Anna siempre estuvo al pendiente de cada necesidad que tenia mientras esperaba a mi bebe. Con mucha paciencia me explico todo el procedimiento y la experiencia se le hacia notar. Gracias Miss Anna por su gran servicio y atención.

Clarisse Fernandez
Aug 16, 2023
Ante-partum ( Women's Clinic)

Miss Susana fue muy agradable en el poco tiempo que me estuvo atendiendo en Antepartum. Su servicio y amor por su trabajo es muy notorio. Gracias por hacer el proceso de parto una experiencia agradable.

Clarisse Fernandez
Aug 16, 2023

Excellent treatment of the nursing staff as well as the doctors during my hospital stay.

Veronica Ibarra
Aug 04, 2023
Radiology Imaging

Tony assisted me and my daughter in a very welcoming way, he explained everything very clearly and was very professional and caring at the same time. Tony took the extra steps to get me situated to get my exam done since I was unable to get it done at the center where he was at. He made sure that my paperwork was transferred over and we were able to get the MRI done the same day. Employees like Tony should be recognized for his experience and excellent patient care. He made me feel like family. Thank you Tony Fiscal may you continue to help other patients just like you did to me and my family.

Roberto Ortiz
Aug 03, 2023

Agradeciendo la buena atención de CNA Rosa en gynecologia que estuvo al pendiente en todo momento de mi y se preocupó por mi esposo en ofreciendó cobijas y almohadas para que el pudiera descansar. Muchas gracias Rosa por tu atención.

Martha Rodriguez
Jul 06, 2023
Women’s Hospital – Antepartum Unit

I want to give the highest of compliments to Erika RN from the Antepartum wing. Erika’s bedside manner, skills, compassion & care are so evident in what she does. This is my second stay in AP & she has made my experience so comforting with her gentle yet meticulous care. I will forever be grateful for her treatment towards me here during my stays.

DHR Patient
Jun 25, 2023
Emergency Department

Quiero agradecer a la enfermera Ana, del departamento de emergencias, por su amabilidad y calidez en un momento de angustia que estaba pasando por un accidente que tuvo mi bebé. ¡Gracias Ana!

Gloria M
Jun 23, 2023
Emergency Department

On behalf of my sister, I would like to say thanks to Grisel, night nurse, for taking care of her. Really appreciate her patience & compassion. Keep up the good work.

M. Aquino
Jun 23, 2023

Thank you so much for your care and helping me heal!

Jun 14, 2023

I am so grateful for the care and support that I received. Doctor Marshall Gillette showed patience and listened to me. He encouraged me to ask questions and answered them clearly. His staff is kind, compassionate and made my experience very pleasant. I can't thank them enough. BIG pat on the back team.

DHR Patient
Jun 14, 2023

Estuve internada desde Mayo 28 hasta Junio 2 de 2023, y quiero agradecer y reconocer el buen trabajo desempeñado por algunas de las auxiliares de las enfermeras. Rubycela, Samantha y Alondra. Ellas a pesar de mis malestares hicieron que mis días fueran menos dificiles, dandome un trato calido y amable, y algo que hay que destacarles es que cuando se les presenta una circunstancia ellas buscan la manera de darnos soluciones y no se quedan de brazos cruzados, ojala DHR pueda reconocerles el profesionalismo y la calidad humana de estas personas!

Jessica Mireles
Jun 04, 2023
DHR Health Urology Institute

Giselle at the Urology Institute with Dr. David Alonzo, has gone above and beyond in her care and support before during and after my bladder cancer diagnosis and subsequent treatments. She is an exemplary individual who is sincerely caring and kind. I am thankful for the opportunity to experience her care and ethical dedication.

Boyd Campbell
Jun 01, 2023

Dr. Carlos Garcia Cantu and his staff. Wonderful experience. People smiling and caring.

DHR Patient
May 23, 2023
Advanced Care Center

I am so grateful to have come across Melissa from Infusion at the Advanced Care Center. She is the true definition of a compassionate caring nurse that goes above and beyond for her patients. She is truly one of a kind and I will always be grateful for nurses like her.

Melissa E
Apr 27, 2023

Norma from Rheumatology has the best patient care ever. Every time she sees me, her first reaction is to say hello and her eyes squint so I know she’s smiling behind her mask. She always explains things to me in a way that’s understandable and makes me feel like I am important every time I have an appointment. I love Norma!

Crystine Luna
Apr 25, 2023
Outpatient Infusion Center

I want to thank all of the nurses and staff that work at the Outpatient Infusion Center for their continual kindness, calmness, caring, efficient and overall excellent health care for each & every patient. They carefully explain procedures, remembering & acknowledge patients by name, wishing us a good day and overall everyone is happy & the environment is uplifting by their attitude and service. So many people only give "bad" comments for poor service, which happens in so many areas of retail stores, doctors offices, businesses, etc., but don't take the time to give a "Excellent" review when it is due. They deserve a "Well Done, Excellent" review for not only doing their job, but doing it above & beyond.

Kathi Ackerman
Apr 24, 2023
DHR Neuro Therapy Institute

This is a message of gratitude for the physical therapists and physical therapy assistants at the DHR Neuro Therapy Institute. I took my mother there for evaluation for a chronic condition and deconditioning after a bout with COVID. They were courteous, respectful, patient and kind. She feels much improved and much stronger because of their help. I can't thank them enough for their expertise and professionalism.

Dr. David G. Alonzo
Apr 09, 2023

Alonzo Flores was a very patient nurse. I do not like IVs but he was so gentle and I did not feel a thing. Alonzo made me feel comfortable and took away my nerves.

Florentino L
Feb 26, 2023
Intensive Care

Renan RN, Cris and Mari CNA's make an amazing team and work very well together. Their attentiveness to the patient make my stay at DHR that much special and memorable. Thank you for having them as an asset to DHR.

Eloy Perez Jr
Feb 23, 2023

We want to thank DHR NICU level 3 nurse, Christina, for her excellent patient care when our newborn was transferred to the NICU shortly after delivery. Christina was so kind, patient, loving, and truly made us feel comforted during our NICU experience. We are ever so thankful and grateful for the top care she provided our daughter and the assurance she provided us. Thank you, Christina, you will always be a blessing to our family!

Katie Koeneke
Feb 17, 2023

My family and I want to say thank you from the bottom of our hearts to the entire staff from the Emergency Department, and ICU, as well as the 2nd-floor North Tower and 4th-floor South Tower departments for the exceptional care that was provided to my father who fell ill on Christmas day with complications that could have led to his death. My family and I were frightened to the core when my father ended up in the ICU fighting for his life, the nurses in the ICU especially Kim and Sarah as well as all the physicians, residents, hospitalists, techs, CNAs, housekeeping, I literally want to thank everyone for their compassion and the love they showed to my father and my family and me when he became ill. My family and I did not know what to expect, and the mixed emotions that overcame us was definitely a challenge for all of us mentally. Although my father will be on dialysis quite possibly for the rest of his life, the care that was provided to him was phenomenal. I work for decision support at the Del Prado building as an entry-level data analyst, and also want to thank my director Sam Salinas for understanding what I was going through and giving me the time off to spend with family. DHR is family, and we are forever blessed and grateful that my father received the care he needed here and is now home recovering. From the bottom of my heart to anyone who assisted my father and family, simply because I don't want to leave anyone out who assisted in caring for him during his time at DHR, THANK YOU! You all are the best!

Jose Arman Jilpas
Jan 05, 2023

I want to say thank you to Ruben in Lab for the attention and most of all expedited work he does. In and out in no time at all. Very light handed with the needle and great people skills. I will recommend for sure. I think I just made a new friend. Thank you All for your hospitality. Merry Christmas Everyone. Your patient From Now On. Eduardo Corona Thank you.

Eduardo Corona
Dec 09, 2022

Ben took care of my mother Carmen x 2 nights. He, at his young age, was one of the most compassionate, knowledgeable and thorough of all the nurses that took care of my mother while she was at this hospital for over a week. I don't see nurses like him often. I told him this while I was there but I wanted to share this with his peers and management to recognize him for doing a job well done. Thank you Ben!!

Sue K.
Dec 06, 2022

Excelente personal siempre atendiendo de lo mejor a sus pacientes. 😊

Oct 06, 2022

Excelente atención y servicio muy amables 😊

Oct 06, 2022
Emergency Department & Medical Unit

As a retired Physician and previous member of DHR, I have no words to express our Gratitude to Doctors and personal staff of Emergency and Medical unit. It was an excellent service, Starting on my arrival Cristina Perez. Thanks is not enough to describe her professionalism and service given to me. Then the Emergency nursing, Regina as I recall name and all members there, Dr. Cortinas and the Hospitalist Doctor. The members of the GI unit and CRNA that assembled all equipment to render the service at ER unit. Dr Arturo Suplee Rivera, Dr. Azif Zamir who was outstanding since answering my initial call. Dr. Murthy Badiga (my Dear Friend and personal Physician that wisely and kindly gave Dr. A.Zamir to follow me on His coverage). A dear nurse that assembled the GI monitoring cry with me after recognizing that I delivered His children 26 years ago. Then after procedure, Nurses at Medical Unit, Ben, Juanny and all members of the shift. They gave us an excellent service. But the Best impression was that Nurses and Physician Staff including all, I saw that they treat everybody with professionalism and compassion. Cynthia from UTRGV nursing and his Nurse in training were outstanding. So, After 2 years of retirement I realized that DHR have a tremendous improvement in quality and Evidence Base Medicine. Getting personal with love about Their career make a difference. Thanks to everyone and GOD Bless You ALL!!

Dr. Juan Gonzalez Dickson
Sep 09, 2022

Thank you so much to the NICU great people and my baby is doing great

Crystal Ibarra
Aug 31, 2022

A big thanks to the RN's and CNA's on the NSICU and the 3rd floor for taking the best care of my mom. Everyone has been amazing and provided the best care.

Carla Garcia
Aug 22, 2022

I want to personally thank all the wonderful physicians who went out of their way to help my family over the past several years. First with my mother's multiple admissions and heroic measures taking care of her at the end of her life. And now, for the past few months with my brother. The care that my family has received has been above and beyond. I want to thank personally Dr Cardenas and Dr Zamir and all the other physicians who attended to my brothers needs.

Julie Erps PA-c
Aug 17, 2022

I would like to reach out and thank a special nursing student that went above and beyond her training and care responsibilities to help my mother . This student Barbara Bautista is definitely in the right field with her patience and thoughtfulness. I know her caring for others will go along way.

Cris Pena
Jun 06, 2022

CDU-wanted to acknowledge Sylvia m., Oscar who went way over their call of duty very knowledgeable, kind hearted, patient they r in the right field of work.

Diana P. Molina
Jun 02, 2022
Emergency Department

I took my mom it the ER with a broken arm on Sunday. There we were helped out by the liaison, Melissa S. She was very helpful and attentive. She went above and beyond in helping not only my mother but almost everyone in the waiting area. We are so grateful for everything she did.

R. Garcia
Feb 21, 2022

I would like to thank all the Nurses that have taken care of me whenever I have been hospitalized at DHR. I have been hospitalized due to UTI and other health issues and the RN and LVN Nurses have always been there for me to help me through my stay at DHR. I also would like to thank all the technicians who have to do X-rays on me, and they are very professional and courteous when they perform the X-rays on me. Overall, if I ever have to be hospitalized again in the future, I will want to be at DHR. Thank you again for being very courteous and professional on your jobs. Keep up the great work!!

Leonard Guerra
Feb 11, 2022

I want to tell you about a very good Nurse named Lorena Rico. I had the pleasure for her to be my nurse and she was the best, very attentive, great patient care, super nice, just felt like home. Stayed at hospital for 6 days and it was the best nurse service at all times and great food. Thank you all once again for making me feel the best that I could!!

Lizette Rodriguez
Feb 03, 2022

I am grateful for Dr. Palacios, endocrinologist. Me and my son have both gone to him and he's always patient, caring and certainly knows and understands our side of life. Thank you Dr. Palacios.

Eliot Jackson
Dec 01, 2021
Emergency Department

I would like to THANK Dr. David Loyola and the nurses and all the staff for saving my wife's life on Monday. I will never be able to Thank you enough

Christopher Ritenour
Dec 01, 2021

Would like to thank the entire team that assisted my son. Dr. Gillette and his entire team were outstanding and provided excellent care. To the nurses that cared for him day in and day out. Thank you for your dedication (RM. 315) - Gina, TJ, Jennifer, and Arcelia you guys are awesome.

Leticia Ocañas
Sep 23, 2021

I would like to thank all of the wonderful nurses that work at DHR Health. My son was recently a patient there and all of the staff were kind, professional and considerate. Overall, we had an amazing experience!

Liz Gomez
Apr 24, 2021