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DHR Health Pediatric Services brings a new level of pediatric care to the Rio Grande Valley. We are committed to helping families keep kids healthy and happy, while staying close to home. Kids' healthcare needs require special care from specially trained physicians and staff, who experienced in treating acute illness, chronic disease management and injury to provide comprehensive care.

DHR Health Children's Hospital is dedicated to providing the most comprehensive pediatric services to the Rio Grande Valley.

Asthma Center of Excellence

Our goal is to improve outcomes for pediatric asthma patients through education and evidence-based management. Our team is extensively trained in recognizing and controlling astham symptoms in children up to the age of 18. The clinical staff in our Pediatric Asthma Program specialize in providing educational tools about asthma triggers, medications, and general knowledge of the disease.

Board Certified Care

All of the physicians in the Pediatric ER are board certified and have extensive experience providing emergency care for young patients. We offer round-the-clock access to DHR experts in more than 15 pediatric specialties and to the full facilities of our hospital. Some of the additional pediatric specialty services include gastroenterology, neurosurgery, nephrology, orthopedics, pulmonology, trauma and urology.

Child Life

Child Life Specialists are experts in child development and are trained to ensure that life remains as normal as possible for children in healthcare settings. They promote effective coping through play, self-expression activities, and age-appropriate medical preparation and education. As advocates of family-centered care, child life specialists work in partnership with doctors, nurses, social workers and others to meet the unique emotional, developmental and cultural needs of each child and family.

Child Life Services at DHR Health Children’s Hospital focus on family centered-care for our patients, their parents, and siblings through procedure preparation and support, new diagnosis teaching, pain management, legacy building, emotional support, and therapeutic play during a patient’s hospitalization to minimize stress and anxiety.

Child Life Practicum Program for Student Certified Child Life Specialists

Convenient Location

The Pediatric ER is conveniently located on the main DHR Health campus, and has it's own entrance and waiting area, separate from the main ER. The Pediatric ER is within close proximity to diagnostic imaging and laboratory services.

Diabetes Center of Excellence

With advanced certification in inpatient diabetes from The Joint Commission, our physicians and nurses are specially trained to care for pediatric patients with diabetes or pre-diabetes. Our team works with patients and their families to educate them on the management of diabetes, including lifestyle modifications, basic nutrition requirements and self-care behaviors.

Intensive Care

We provide advanced care for children with life-threatening medical conditions such as serious infections, trauma and organ failure. Critically ill children are monitored around the clock by a staff of highly qualified, specially trained physicans and nurses who not only tend to the needs of the patient, but also the family.

Pediatric Emergency Services

Our Pediatric Emergency Room provides care 7 days a week by board-certified physicians specially trained in emergency medicine. The ER is equipped to meet the special needs of our pediatric patients, ranging from minor injuries and illnesses to trauma. Our team is specially trained to be attentive and sensitive to the needs of children and their families.

Pediatric Hematology/Oncology

Our team of pediatric hematologists and oncologists is equipped to treat a wide range of cancers and blood disorders affecting children, including leukemia, brain tumors, anemia and sickle cell disease. The Children's Hospital has a 12-bed unit dedicated to meeting the needs of our oncology patients and their families.

DHR Health Children’s Hospital is proud to partner with Baylor College of Medicine and Vannie Cook Cancer Foundation to provide 24/7 oncology care.

Pediatric Hospitalist

If your child is admitted to hospital, the pediatric hospitalist will be your child's physician while they are in the hospital and will coordinate care with other specialists and your child's pediatrician upon discharge.

Pediatric Hospitalists

Based on your child's diagnosis and treatment plan, they may need to be admitted to the Children's Hospital at Renaissance. Our pediatric hospitalists help to make your child's transition from the emergency room to the pediatric unit more smooth. The pediatric hospitalist will be your child's physician while they are in the hospital and will coordinate care with our emergency medicine physicians when admitted and your child's pediatrician upon discharge.

Pet Therapy

Animal-assisted therapy can play an important role in recovery. Our therapy dogs are specially trained to comfort and reassure patients in the hospital. Furry friends are proven to help lower blood pressure, reduce awareness of pain, and help promote the release of endorphins that create feelings of peace and contentment.

Playroom and Activity Area

Our pediatric playroom offers patients an amazing view of the Rio Grande Valley and is filled with toys for each age group from infants to adolescent patients. Our patients have a procedure-free space to play, walk around, and to socialize with volunteers and other patients. The pediatric playroom offers activities, video games, and arts & crafts to normalize their stay at DHR Health Children’s Hospital, such as a basketball net, X-Box One, fantasy play area, and train station set.


Our team of surgeons is committed to delivering comprehensive and compassionate surgical services to infants, children and adolescents. We utilize advanced surgical techniques and work closely with other pediatric specialists to determine the best treatment plan for even the most complex and challenging cases.


Our volunteers work closely with our Child Life Specialist to assist with pediatric donations, arts and craft activities, organization and sanitation of our Pediatric Playroom, and engage with our pediatric patients and their families. We also have a TEEN Advisory Board that helps fundraise for our Children’s hospital and organize resources for our older pediatric patients.

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